About Us


Our company began over 30 years ago as an electrician service. While working on client’s homes we were frequently asked to recommend plumbers, carpenters and many other professionals . A few years down the line, we decided to form a company that would cater for all these needs – hency Cape Town Handyman was born. We gathered skilled tradesmen in various fields and offered our services to all, at a fair price.

Nowadays, we offer a wide range of home maintenance services including plumbing installation and repair, to home décor. We are located in central Cape Town and our highly professional team is familiar with all the roads in the area, hence we will always reach your premises on time in case there is an emergency. We also offer free estimates.

Get in touch with our reputable contractors on 021 300 3600 and don’t feel afraid to ask for an estimate on any job. You can also use the contact form on this website but remember to leave behind your preferred communication details so that we can get in touch. Our professionals are always ready whenever you need us – call today!