Cost Friendly Drywalling in Cape Town

We provide excellent drywalling services that incorporate our team’s skills and creativity, thereby ensuring every job is a success. We install, repair and maintain ceilings and drywalls for all types of properties, be it commercial or residential. Call us today for drywalling services in Cape Town at best prices around!

We let you know of the quotation price long before commencing on the job giving you a fair and honest idea of how much the service will cost you. All you have to do is contact us on 021 300 3600 and we will gladly arrange a suitable time for us to visit. Our customer care desk is available all day long, seven days a week and we always have someone ready to handle your requests on short notice.

Our ability to handle a wide range of drywall construction, repair and inspections jobs makes us one of the most versatile company for all your Cape Town drywalling and ceiling repairs and installations. Along with our drywall expertise we also handle large or small-scale flooring projects and you can rely on us to have your electrics fitted too. Call our handyman services today and all your drywalling done at a low price! We will definitely leave you satisfied with our professionalism and quality of work.

We Are Available For:

* Rhinolighting * All types of drywall partitions * Office refurbs * Drywalls for offices, shops, homes * Shop fronts * Ceilings * Wallpapering * Cornices